When I commenced my personal journey from being a meat-eater to a vegan in the early 1990’s the choices available to us, and the knowledge and information that currently exists and is readily accessible, did not exist in the same way. Our world did not exist in the same way. Nutrition fascinated me and I was determined to ensure I was giving my body all it needed to function and thrive on a plant-based vegan diet.

Adopting this diet and lifestyle over 27 years ago has profoundly changed my life and is an innate, integral and inseparable part of the core of my identity and who I am as a human being.

I am a strong believer that we all have the ability to create change on a large scale by living, being and embracing the change we want to see. I firmly believe that if we all make even the smallest of shifts, and expand our conscious awareness, that the drops of change and the impact that results from individual expansion soon combine to create a powerful ripple effect. That all of us have the power to create a chain reaction and stimulate huge change within our incredible world and environment.

As a Health Coach who specialises in vegan plant-based diets, I create individual, bespoke programs for my clients. I work with people to create structure, provide support and accountability. Whether the goal is to lose or gain weight, heal and detox the body or gain more energy, vitality and inspiration in your eating habits and patterns, we work together to create a program that will leave you feeling your best you. It’s time to glow from the inside out!

What is a Plant-Based Vegan Diet?

As our world continues to change, the need to eat more plant-based has become increasingly significant. Our food choices greatly impact our bodies and our
environment. By adopting a plant-based vegan diet you can live a healthier, more sustainable life. It is the biggest way you can have a positive impact on your personal health and the health of our environment and planet. A plant-based vegan diet includes fruit, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds…and so much more. All of your nutritional needs are met with a plant-based diet, its all part of the magic of eating whole plant foods. Yes, that means you will get enough protein, calcium, vitamins and minerals without worrying about controlling portions, worrying about carbs or counting calories. It is truly liberating!

Our internal and external environments either work together to support optimal health, vitality, wellness and living our best life, or work against it. To a large extent, we can control these environments with the choices we make about food, sleep, work and lifestyle.

We all have the power within us, and the information available to us, to positively influence the way our body functions and in turn directly impact the quality of our lives. The choice is ours to make.

Why a Plant-Based Vegan Diet?

There are a lot of incredible reasons why, and how, a plant-based diet can shift your life and health in a powerfully positive direction, and the experience of eating whole plant-based foods will likely leave you pleasantly surprised.

Many who adopt this diet and lifestyle experience side effects, all of which are positive. These include, but are not limited to, lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure, weight loss, reduced medications, reduced inflammation in the body, a reduction or end to chronic, nagging aches and pains. This way of eating has been attributed to reducing the risk or reversing a wide range of chronic degenerative disease symptoms related to heart disease, diabetes, cancer, kidney disease, arthritis, stroke, obesity, autoimmune diseases, depression…and the list goes on.

Food is an incredibly powerful medicine. Many people also experience more energy, clearer skin, clarity of mind, a boost in overall wellness, a more positive outlook on life and a clear conscience through knowing that your dietary choices are not contributing to a damaged global food system.

Adopting a plant-based vegan diet has the power to transform your body, mind and spirit. Eating food, real food, has changed my life and I believe everybody deserves a chance to feel this way. True wellness goes beyond us, as individuals, to the collective sustainability and vitality of all living things.

Go for the greens, spread the word and do your part in changing the world; one forkful and one bite at a time!
Perhaps the real question should in fact be: Why Not a Plant-Based Vegan Diet?