Success Stories

I can’t thank Nicky enough as she helped me transform my life in a brilliant, professional way. I was working on myself using multiple techniques like self hypnosis, meditation, recordings etc. However, she helped me to find out the root cause of my issues by taking me into deep regressions followed by changing the associated wrong beliefs and thoughts along with the release of physical pain related to it. Her cure (audio recording) is very well formed, her voice is very calming and powerful at the same time and it includes everything that I want to/need to listen to boost myself up. It brings a huge amount of happiness and relaxation every time I listen to it. When there is a will there is always a way and I strongly believe that RTT is the key to unlock that way. I would highly recommend Nicky Dvorak as a RTT therapist to anyone who is dealing with any issues in their life.
Lopamudra Kaushik, Senior Geologist
Abu Dhabi, UAE
I have to say it was an incredible session…one of those instantaneous changes. Nicky was amazing…calm and very present, intuitively aligned with me. I felt very supported and safe to share and go so deeply back into my subconscious memories. For the past 40 years I have been held back, limited by so many strong unconscious limiting beliefs. I thought I would never break free of them, but our session showed me that the apparently impossible, that I can be free to live my most authentic self, was in fact not only possible, but can and will become my reality! How exciting!! The feeling of deep understanding rang clear and true, to break free from all that is holding me back and to finally start living free of fear and inner limiting beliefs. The feeling is absolutely phenomenal. Thank you so much for helping me through this process, at one of the most challenging times of my life….you are an absolute gem! I would highly recommend you to anyone out there needing help to break free from their past limiting beliefs and live the life they truly deserve. You, Nicky, are an absolute gem. You’ve been a huge part of my journey to find myself… you’re 100% a phenomenal RTT Therapist..always know that because it is True True True.
Dr Kay Sam
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
I had an amazing RTT session with Nicky. She guided me to the root of my problem with ease and mastery, installing new beliefs that work for me. I felt I
was in safe hands all along and I would highly recommend Nicky to anyone wanting a real change.
Daina, 42
I sincerely appreciate Nicky’s masterful use of the RTT approach…I can attest to her excellent use of the method. I was at a low point and she was able to draw out a part of myself I really didn’t like. She even had to deal with an F-bomb directed at her. She is a professional. She handled that situation
masterfully. She helped me deal with a part of myself that I want to let go of. I highly recommend her as she was able to guide to the parts that need healing and she will get you there
Peter, 30
South Africa
After meeting with Nicky I felt light, unburdened and free. Nicky is an amazing and intuitive healer who took me to places within myself I have never been and did not even know existed. I have been doing intensive personal growth work for years and this session was one of the most profound and life-giving experiences I have had. I am truly grateful.
Indiana, USA
Working with Nicky was a true pleasure. I wasn’t sure what to expect from my first RTT session, however Nicky made me feel comfortable and supported from start to finish. It was a very healing experience for me where I felt zero judgment no matter how vulnerable the session got. Nicky is wonderful at what she does and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is ready to make powerful, lasting changes in their lives. Thank you Nicky!
Vancouver, Canada
I would like to start by saying thank you. I’ve carried all these feelings and limiting beliefs around for 40 odd years and it has been liberating to let it go to say the least. As Marisa Peer always says “Understanding is power..and understanding under hypnosis is freeing”… Let me say that you have walked the talk with that. The session went smoothly and I felt very warmly supported throughout were just right..followed each clue thoroughly. Your use of RTT was powerful and really got to the bottom of that feeling in my chest… the feeling that has now been pulverized, smashed and cleared out. Your tone was soothing and just right, you handled the scenes beautifully and everything went together so seamlessly…I am grateful! This is the first time that it…felt so right and loving and empowering..I absolutely loved it! I have been listening to the recording and this process is so interesting… I would definitely recommend you..and would love to work with you again! You have reconfirmed my belief that RTT truly works…please keep doing this..there are many out there who need you!
Parvathi Kavitha Samuel, 47
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
I was born into a very poor family, to a single mother of just 16 years old… since I was conceived it was implanted in me the feeling that I am not enough. I had many traumatic issues during my childhood. Now I am 39 years old and married with two sons. Acknowledging that there were certain scars I needed to cure I took a session with this wonderful woman called Nicky Dvorak. Nicky started the session with some background…I told her that I would like to be liberated from my past and I put myself into Nicky’s hands to go deeper and find out the root that was causing that. She took me through many scenes that were still ingrained in my present life and not allowing me to live life fully. She was with me for more than two hours. In the session with Nicky I wept a lot, I revived my past, felt the pain of that little girl, I discovered some hidden episodes that made me realize the whys. I understood that I created strong beliefs that shaped my life and made it a struggle. The session was from pain to relief. From crying to smile. From agony to hope. She gave and empowered me with powerful new words and made a special recording just for me. I cannot find enough words to thank you Nicky. Beyond the training, beyond the tools, there is an exceptional human being, who is one-hundred percent committed to give her best. I FELT THAT ENERGY. Now I am feeling much better…the pressure in my heart and throat IS NOT THERE ANYMORE! I AM CURED AND I CAN SAY “THAT IS NOT ME”. YOU ARE A BLESSING TO THE WORLD! With all my soul and heart.
Gloria, 39
As someone who was sceptical about hypnosis, I was steadily guided through the process by Nicky who took time to explain every step and reassured me along the way. She made it sound like an exploratory journey which is exactly what it turned out to be and a good one at that. I felt totally in control throughout the whole process but also expertly hand held by Nicky and it all just flowed so naturally. Her technique really worked and unlocked some important memories which helped me understand the process I needed to go through. The follow up recording, advice and her check-in have been invaluable and I know I couldn’t do this without her. Whilst it’s not a quick fix, it is getting easier day by day. Nicky has a calm and reassuring demeanour which are essential to providing her top class service.
Christopher, 49