Rapid Transformational Therapy

Rapid Transformational Therapy

Rapid Transformational Therapy ®, or RTT ®, is a groundbreaking approach to healing. It is a revolutionary super-hypnotherapy, pioneered by the phenomenal, award-winning Marisa Peer, that will help you break free from the constraints of your past and put an end to behaviours and beliefs that are negatively impacting your life.

RTT incorporates the power of Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Regression Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), amongst other techniques.

It allows us to access the subconscious mind and, by doing so, to understand the beliefs that have been formed and stored inside us throughout our lives.
These beliefs, often formed at a very young age, are integral to how we see ourselves and fundamental to how we experience everything in life.

We can’t fix what we don’t understand and through RTT we gain that understanding. We gain privileged access to the all-important subconscious part of our mind through hypnosis and from here can start to understand the whys, whens, and hows behind the issues that we are experiencing. Our mind, body and soul are all connected, and our mind has a huge impact on everything – from how happy we feel to how healthy we are.

Through RTT, in as few as one to three sessions, you can be healed of issues that have kept you stuck for years – or perhaps even decades.

How does Rapid Transformational Therapy work?

You are gently guided into a relaxed, safe hypnotic state and then, through regressions, back to the root cause of the issue you are facing. We identify the beliefs and establish when, where, why and how they were formed.

Once you understand how, when and where the issues or behaviours have come from, and why you are holding on to the beliefs that caused the issue, you are then able to let go of them.

Finally, and crucially, we ReBoot your personal software by uploading new, powerful beliefs into the subconscious, through the use of a personalised, bespoke transformational recording to create new, healthy, empowering behaviours, thoughts and beliefs.

This results in a newfound sense of freedom, of liberating yourself from limitations and erroneous beliefs, to live the life of your dreams.