Do you feel your spark has gone from life?
Do you feel confused, anxious, stuck?
Not quite sure of your what’s, why’s and how’s anymore?
Not quite sure who you are anymore?

It’s no surprise really and don’t think for a second that you are alone. This is a time when anxiety and stress is impacting so many around the globe. It’s like we have been given a new version of an old game to play, only we haven’t been given an instruction manual to know what the new rules are. So much of daily life has gone back to being the same but so much remains shifted and changed. With long periods of isolation being something many of us have experienced the impact on returning to a “new normal” (sans instruction manual!) has brought about much anxiety and other issues.

And many of us are struggling with these changes, with everything that has gone on.
But it doesn’t have to stay that way, it is very possible to step back into your power, into your most empowered version of you.

What is Empowerment?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines Empowerment as:

  1. the act or action of empowering someone or something: the granting of the power, right, or authority to perform various acts or duties
  2. the state of being empowered to do something : the power, right, or authority to do something

So, what does that really mean and how can we work to bringing empowerment into your life?

Empowerment is about having a strong sense of self-worth. It’s about having the ability, and embracing the freedom, to make choices and take decisions that are for both individual and collective benefit and expansion.

Empowerment is about having control and power of your own life. It’s about having self-responsibility, self-respect and a very healthy foundation of self-love.
Personal empowerment gives you the knowledge that you are in control of your life and, from that place, enables you to take positive decisions and actions that lead you towards your dreams and goals. Towards living as your best version of yourself, living the best possible life.

Why Empowerment Coaching?

Let’s start by answering this question: does any of this sound familiar?

You want more confidence and courage, you want to believe in yourself again.
You’ve tried to figure it out on your own, but nothing changes.
You don’t know what to do differently, but you know that something is holding you back.
You feel you’re getting in your own way and the thoughts and voices in your head are caught in a loop, driving you crazy.
You know you need to step out of feeling stuck, that you want more happiness and freedom.
The problem is, you don’t know where to start.

Did anything in there resonate?

Empowerment coaching is like the bridge to get you from where you are now to where you want to be. It’s the way to get unstuck, out of the loop, to break the
constraints of all that is holding you back from living your best life, as your very best you. I first experienced Empowerment Coaching at a time in life when I felt these words had been written just for me! It was exactly how I was feeling; stuck, worn down, at an all-time low on confidence and a stranger to myself.

How does Empowerment Coaching work?

I fuse Empowerment Coaching with the power of Rapid Transformational Therapy ® (RTT) Hypnotherapy. The work is focused on your subconscious thoughts and by understanding what is causing issues and blocks we rewire negative thought patterns with new, empowering beliefs. By changing your mindset and thinking from within there is the power to produce rapid, life-long changes and completely transform your life by shedding limiting behaviours, outdated past beliefs and patterns that are holding you back.

It’s the potent difference between simply cutting weeds in your garden at surface level only to have them grow back again and again, or digging the weeds out at their roots and removing them for good. Once those weeds are gone for good, the seeds of change for a ReBooted new you can be planted. And then grow. And flourish.

Once the seeds of change of change have been planted we work towards understanding what you really desire (and deserve!) your life to be and put strategies in place to walk every single day in the direction of your visions and dreams.

We all deserve the freedom to live with a solid sense of self-worth and to live as our best possible version of ourselves.

Ask yourself this simple question: If not now then when?