A big problem I see is that many women have stopped short of their dreams, have plateaued, when it comes to their success, revenue and life goals. They feel stuck, trapped in a holding pattern of low confidence and negative self-talk. Living with bad habits and living as a version of themselves that just isn’t them anymore.

Their outer selves, the face that the world sees, and their inner selves feel completely out of alignment, even strangers to each other.
They know they want more but don’t know how to get unstuck, to put the fire back in their belly and start loving themselves, and life, again.

Any of that sound familiar?
So, how to get unstuck?
How to start living, I mean really living, again?

Think about this seemingly simple question:
Do you Know Yourself?

Be honest with yourself, do you really know yourself?
And I don’t just mean looking in the mirror and seeing the reflection that stares back at you. I mean deeply, intimately know who you are and what’s important to you.

If you don’t know yourself you can’t really know what you want, and if you don’t know what you want with clarity then it’s very difficult, or impossible to achieve your ultimate success and revenue goals.

The biggest problem with this is that so many of us are living other peoples dreams, trying to live up to others expectations of us and not our own.

Would you answer yes to any, or all, of these questions?

  • Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night wondering why life just doesn’t feel satisfying? Knowing the you want more but wondering why it feels out of your reach?
  • Do you put others needs before your own? Do you end up feeling like your needs are less worthy than other people’s?
  • Do you find what you used to love just doesn’t do it for you anymore, just doesn’t bring you the satisfaction and joy it used to?

So what’s the Solution?

You’ve got to really know yourself.
To recognise when your fires gone out.
To be honest enough with yourself to acknowledge that what used to bring you joy now feels flat,
robotic, soulless.
And to give yourself permission, at any stage and at any age for life, to change. To become the
person who you really need and want to be.

So what changes when you have the courage to do this, to really know and be honest with

  • When you really know yourself taking risks no longer feels like a risk because you just know and trust yourself to achieve the goals you’re setting for yourself, which ultimately brings you a whole new level of satisfaction.
  • Life is no longer bland, flat, boring because you’re being true to yourself and what matters to you most
  • You put yourself first because you realise that you are the most important person in your life and by being your best you you have way more to give and share with others, way more to contribute.

Try this…right now!

Write down 3 things that you would really love.
More money, a new job, a promotion, to travel, to start your own business, a relationship, better health…whatever it is for you.

Write them down, don’t overthink it. The first 3 things that come into your mind, those first thoughts are always the ones closest to our hearts and our truths.

Read that list daily, make it the first thing you read in the morning and the last thing you read at night. Make it your screensaver, stick in on your mirror, put a note on the dash of your car…

Put it anywhere, or everywhere, you can! Make sure you see that list and read that list as many times each day as you can.

And be grateful for those 3 things right now. As if they are already yours.

Then take action that will lead you in the direction of those things that your heart desires – and very much deserves! Want them so badly that every decision you make will take you a step closer to what you want.

Because when you change your mindset you change your life.
We all deserve to live life s fully as possible, to live our dreams.
So why not start today?